On-Site Child Care: An "Eye-Opener" for Employers

on-site child care

Child care is not simply a personal problem for parents.

Just this week, Slate put it this way: "Child Care Is Corporate America's Business."


"A lot of businesses don't see this as their quote-unquote 'problem,'" the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation told Slate's Jennifer Oldham about the organization's ongoing commitment to raising awareness among corporate America.

"That's the perspective we are trying to shift" And the Slate data tells the story: 

- A record 3.9% unemployment
- A projected skills gap of 6-million unfilled jobs by 2020.
- "A link between education in a child's first five years and future workforce readiness." 
- $4.4 billion is lost annually to parents' daycare issues
- "Half of the nation's residents lack access to quality child care options, " she wrote, "with waiting lists growing so long that some families plan the birth of a child around an opening at a center."

An Eye-Opening Return on Investment

Need more? One study showed that "Investment in quality early childhood instruction is also an effective economic development strategy, " wrote Slate, "providing up to a $16 return for every $1 spent."

"That return on investment to the employer was a big eye opener."

The best news? Slate's shout-out to The Home Depot and their Little Apron Academy as a shining example of what an on-site child care center can do.

"Home Depot employees are now better able to focus on their jobs knowing their kids are safe and receiving a quality early education. They also lose less work time when participating in school activities."

We couldn't agree more.

Congrats for the well-deserved shout-out, we're proud to partner with you!

And thanks Slate for furthering an important conversation.
on-site child care

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