What’s the Most Important Benefit You Can Offer? It Depends

HR team working on their benefits strategy

If you’re like most HR people, every day you read stories about “The One Thing” research says employees value most.

A partial list:

Career development


Child care


Education debt

Elder care

Parental leave

Retirement support

School-age care

College debt repayment


Free degrees

So which one is it? 


Priority is in the eye of the beholder. And right now, with multiple generations with multiple priorities sharing a very complicated workplace, any one of the above list could take the top spot – depending on who you’re talking to. Millennials (35% of the workforce) are managing their parenting years. Boomers (25%) and the silent generation (2%) are thinking about retirement. Gen X (33%) is managing college kids and parents. Gen Z (5%) is thinking about building burgeoning careers. 

The goal is to reach every one without leaning so far in any one direction that you alienate another. 

The equally important thing is how the life-stages approach affects more than just employees – but the life-stage of your organization. So today’s Millennials who successfully work and parent and become leaders attract tomorrow’s Gen Zs by showing them how it’s done, and what’s possible. 

Boomers are likely thinking about dialing back without completing stepping out. Gen X and Millennials can use dependent care. Young Gen Z are looking for future-focused jobs. . Everybody’s got a different priority. Your workforce isn’t just one thing. Your benefits platform can’t be either.

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HR team working on their benefits strategy

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