On Memorial Day; Thank You...and Welcome Home!

memorial day
Time flies.

Last Memorial Day we were bidding farewell to our colleague Jarad. Back then, the Bright Horizons construction project manager temporarily left his job here to go back to his other job as a staff sergeant and construction project manager in the Army Reserves. He spent the last 12 months mobilized, with nine of those months in Afghanistan.

Today (a year...already!), we got to welcome Jarad back - and tell him thanks.

To All Who Are Working!

It's a fitting end to our month of employee appreciation (we're big fans of saying thank you around here) and an opportunity to remind ourselves of all the dedicated employees (people in the armed forces, as well as first responders, doctors, nurses, and many others) who won't be sipping umbrella drinks by barbecues today, but who will instead be hard at work taking care of us all.

We're thrilled to show our gratitude to Jarad. And we're proud that the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children shows its gratitude every day through the Bright Space for military families at Raleigh Durham International Airport.

To Jarad - welcome home!

And to all the men and women in uniform this Memorial Day, whether home or somewhere around the world; we can't say it often enough!

Our heartfelt and sincerest...thanks.    
memorial day

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