LEAP HR Healthcare: Join our VP Strategy Session

Nurse and doctor discussing a patient's chart

Between HCAHPS scores and nursing shortages, healthcare’s got a lot on its plate. 

Everybody wants to know how other providers are handling it. 

We’re gathering healthcare leaders to find out. 

Our own Doug Stefano will be emceeing the HRVP strategy session ahead of the upcoming LEAP HR Healthcare in Chicago. It’ll be Doug (our own VP) and VP leaders in the field; roundtable discussions among top employers, all putting their heads together on things like competing with rewards; creative pipeline building (in today’s talent market, you’ll need more than just recruitment); and how HR fits into all of it (hint: HR is dead center). 

Our HRVP session is one of four pre-conference strategy days. Given what’s at stake, it’s no surprise leaders are coming out in force. We’ll be at our booth throughout the event to continue the conversation. Make sure to stop by and grab a chance to win a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses (‘cause the future’s so bright….well, you know). 

See you in Chicago!

Nurse and doctor discussing a patient's chart

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