Fortune Survey: Best Workplaces for Parents!

Fortune best workplaces
We love it when great places for working parents make news. What's even better? When our clients make the list. So we were pretty darned excited to open this year's Fortune list of "Best Workplaces for Parents" and see a whole lot of familiar names. To which we say, "woo hoo!"

Congrats to our Bright Horizons Clients

Why the excitement? The list says a lot: it was based on responses from hundreds of thousands of parents who summed up what it's like to work at these organizations after children: Do they feel supported? Do they have thriving careers? Do they have a great boss? And the answer at these star employers was an enthusiastic, "yes!" to all. "Work life integration is the best I have ever had in my career," said a Salesforce employee. "I'm given the flexibility to manage my schedule so that I can be present with my family." "As a female executive with aspirations to continue to grow my career, this is key to my decision to remain with AmEx," said one from American Express.

Why Being one of the Best Workplaces for Parents Matters

That last one says a lot. Talent shortages are a big deal these days, meaning employers need all hands on deck. Supporting working parents - especially mothers who are most at risk of falling out of careers - is a proven way to preserve talent pipelines. As one working mom put it, "It is hard to find companies where you truly feel that being a working mom does not inhibit your career potential. At EY, I feel supported by the firm's official policies and motivated by the fact that many of our partners are working mothers." Another reason working parents matter: numbers, tens of millions of them, many those valuable Millennials we're all fighting over. And check out the headline: "Employees With Kids Are More Dedicated Than Most Bosses Realize. "There's a common misconception that employees focus less on their jobs once they become parents," read the Fortune analysis. "But after surveying more than 400,000 employees at hundreds of companies, Great Place to Work found that parents actually display more signs of dedication to their organizations than their co-workers without kids."

That backs up what parents told us in our 2016 Modern Family Index. So there you go. Need more? Just look at those names - giant industry success stories, all - proving once again that flex time, telecommuting, and tangible support (have we mentioned we're big fans of child care?) are not just employee benefits. They're great strategies. So a giant "you go!" to our clients as well as to each and every great company on that Best Workplaces for Parents list.

What a great way to start the holiday season. Congratulations!
Fortune best workplaces

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