Congratulations to Flex-Time Lawyers' "Best Law Firms for Women" Listmakers

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Congratulations to the firms on the Flex-Time Best Law Firms for Women!  I want to especially congratulate all 39 Bright Horizons clients on the list - that's nearly 80%.

So Why Should Any Employer, Particularly a Law Firm, Care About Making a "Best of" List?

It matters given that new graduates are looking for work/life benefits.  In fact, a recent study of employees working in the law industry, 96% said that back-up care would be an important consideration when making a decision about changing employers. And 74% of respondents indicate that the back-up care program was important in their decision to return to work after the birth or adoption of a child.

Supporting Women in the Legal Industry

This designation also indicates that the recognized firms are addressing the needs of women lawyers and staff by providing appropriate supports to assist them in managing their professional and personal lives.  This can be especially challenging in a billable hours environment which tends to suffer from a leaky pipeline when it comes to women on the partnership track.

Offering dependent-care supports is one tangible way firms can demonstrate that they recognize the importance of lawyers' and staff's personal lives and the impact of those lives on their effectiveness at work.  94% of lawyers and staff who have utilized back-up care provided by their firm report that it allowed them to meet unexpected work demands.
eight-hour workday

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