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It seems hard to pick up a newspaper these days without running into advice from College Coach finance expert, Robert Weinerman. In an article in this weekend's Wall Street Journal entitled "August Is Time for a Financial Reboot," Robert shares his insight for parents of high schoolers on early college financial planning, including scholarship searches, financial aid calculations, and asset allocation for college savings. And in US News and World Report, Robert offers his perspective on recent student loan legislation in an article entitled "New Student Loan Deal Good, and Bad, for Borrowers.

Journalists turn to College Coach's expert former college decision-makers when they need real inside information about the college admissions and finance processes. Your employees can turn to these same experts when their children's college savings accounts (or lack thereof), standardized tests, college applications, essays, financial aid applications, and student loans generate so much stress that they can't be productive at work.

Providing your employees with College Coach's comprehensive college counseling services can help keep otherwise-overwhelmed working parents happy and healthy at work and loyal to an organization that went above and beyond in providing them with expert advice when they, and their families, needed it most.

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