Warming up Victims of California's Camp Fire

coat donations for california camp fire
Some stories just warm our hearts. And this one out of South San Francisco...let's just say we're practically melting.

The teachers at the 2nd Generation Child Care Center on Genentech's South Campus saw victims of California's Camp Fire in tents. These people lost everything.

They were cold and wet. They needed coats. The center wanted to do something. So they used their annual Thanksgiving Fundraiser to raise money.

"I Couldn't Imagine Not Having a Coat for Your Child"

"It was the bleak images of the devastation that moved these workers," wrote the Bay Area's KRON 4 of the fundraiser, "to help kids who lost everything.

"I couldn't imagine being a parent and not having a coat for your child when it's cold," teacher Jennifer Leaver told the station.

Genentech heard about the drive and kicked in to double the amount of coats.

The upshot: sweatshirts, sweaters, fleece jackets, and raincoats (an extra shout out to Twice As Nice shop in San Bruno for the discount!), each with a note in the pocket:

"Sending you warmth from South San Francisco, thinking of you, love Bright Horizons."

"We wanted to make sure that the people in Paradise knew that they were loved," said Jennifer.

We're thinking of you, 2nd Generation and Genentech!

Thanks for warming up people in need...and our hearts.
coat donations for california camp fire
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