Learning at Home: Steps of Hand-Washing

Toddler girl washing her hands at a sink

What You Need

  • How to Wash Your Hands Poster, (optional) cut into four pieces (one for each hand-washing step)

How to Do this Activity

  1. While washing hands at home, ask your child if they can tell you what they do to wash their hands at school.
  2. Talk about each step and ask, “What comes first? Then what? And what is next? What is the last step?”Using your printed poster, mix up the cut pieces and challenge your child to put the pieces back together in the right order. 

What Your Child Learns

By doing this activity together, your child will learn how to properly wash their hands and the steps needed each and every time for nice, clean hands! 

Tip for this Activity

  • Select a song together (like “Happy Birthday” or another song that lasts for at least 20 seconds) to sing each time they wash their hands to make sure they are scrubbing long enough.  

Download our Activity Sheet for more health and safety learning activities to do at home. 

Toddler girl washing her hands at a sink
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