Learning at Home: Magnificent Magnification Activity

Preschool boy doing STEM activity

What You Need

  • Large magnifying glasses

You can do this activity anytime you have access to a safe, outdoor area. Just take the magnifying glasses outside and let your child explore. Look at rocks, insects, grass, flowers, tree trunks, sticks, and more, and share your observations with each other. If you need help getting the activity started, ask things like, “Can you find something green?” or “Can you find something that crawls?” Once your child gets into the activity, give her time to explain what she sees. And if you need to encourage her to share her thoughts, ask things like, “What does that feel like?” and “How many petals does that flower have?”

What Your Child Learns

Spending time in nature helps children slow down, make observations, ask questions, and form theories about what they see. Developing an "I wonder" mindset is one of the most important parts of scientific thinking. This activity also builds language and social-emotional development, as well as respect and appreciation for the natural world.

Preschool boy doing STEM activity
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