Learning at Home: Family Band Making Tambourines Activity

Children playing with music

What You Need

  • Paper plates
  • Markers or paint
  • Stapler
  • Small objects (rice, beans, stones, or the like)

How to Do this Activity

Have your child color, paint, or draw designs on the underside of two plates. Then, turn the plates over to face each other (designed sides facing out) and help your child staple them together. Once they’re almost attached, help your child put small objects inside (keep in mind that different materials make different sounds). Staple the plates closed, and then work together to make sounds, rhythms, and patterns. This will help you introduce both music and math concepts. Have everyone in the family make a tambourine, and then put on a concert or march in a parade together!

What Your Child Will Learn

This activity builds children's fine motor skills as they color and staple the tambourines. Children gain an understanding of simple musical concepts, such as rhythm and patterns, loud and soft. More importantly, they build relationships through playful, family-focused time.

Children playing with music
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