Learning at Home: Dress Up Activity

Kindergarten-aged girl playing dress up

What You Need

  • Basket or bin
  • Costumes, clothes, and shoes
  • Scarves, aprons, capes, hats,
  • Slips, gloves, jewelry, purses, briefcases
  • Mirror

How to Do this Activity

Create a dress-up basket or bin and make sure it’s easily accessible for your child — in his or her room or the playroom. Fill the bin with clothing and accessories. Dress up with your child and invite his or her friends over to join in the fun! This activity works for all ages. Even babies often smile when hats are put on their heads.

What Your Child Learns

Children often master developmental challenges through play. Perhaps most important, play nurtures social-emotional development and personal relationships.

Kindergarten-aged girl playing dress up
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