Animal Sounds

A little bird outside

This activity promotes development and learning by encouraging children to listens to and respond to communication from others.

Materials Needed:

Participants: This activity works best with adult interaction but can be listened to by a child on their own. This is a perfect activity for an older child to help with.


  1. Open the animal sounds video on a tablet or computer and watch the video with your child.
  2. Say the animal sounds after you hear them. Move your mouth slowly so your child can watch the movement.
  3. As your child is playing, play the sounds again without seeing the video. You can watch for their reactions to each different sound. Ask your child what animal they hear. If you want to add movement to this activity you can move like each animal as you hear the animal’s sound.

If you have stuffed animals, puppets, or play figures, you can also hold up those as you hear the animal sound to bring math and matching into this activity.

(*Note - Internet resources suggested only for use with adult permission & supervision.)

A little bird outside
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