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School Readiness
at Bright Horizons®

Learn how Bright Horizons prepares children for school.

As part of Bright Horizons' mission to create and maintain a school readiness program that meets the evolving expectations of elementary schools, we recently completed our fourth comprehensive survey of parents and teachers nationwide to assess their views of the academic preparedness of recent Bright Horizons graduates. Parents and  teachers of over 1,000 Bright Horizons graduates were surveyed during the fall of their child's kindergarten or first grade year.

"Bright Horizons helped my child grow tremendously and opened his mind to many things. He was always an eager learner but Bright Horizons met his needs and challenged him to be interested and eager to learn more.”

-Bright Horizons Parent

What is School Readiness?

Kindergarten & School Readiness at Bright HorizonsSchool readiness refers to more than just knowing the ABCs. At Bright Horizons, we believe that children must also gain "ready to learn" skills, such as how to share information in a group, how to ask and answer questions, and how to solve problems and explore solutions. We take a holistic approach to early childhood education, addressing every aspect of a child's development.

Bright Horizons classrooms engage children intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially and help prepare children to meet the expectations that both elementary school teachers and parents have for school readiness.

We encourage children to learn through hands-on exploration guided by teachers who inspire curiosity and creative thinking. The result is well-rounded, confident children who possess the ability to solve problems, make decisions, and engage with others.

Teachers' Perspectives on School Readiness

Elementary school teachers who participated in the survey not only assessed the preparedness of the Bright Horizons graduates in their program, but also shared their views on what they believe to be the most important factors for any child to succeed in elementary school.

Teachers were unified in their feeling that children should enter their first years of school with an ability to comprehend broader language and math concepts, as well as to be prepared for the social and emotional demands of school.

How Bright Horizons Prepares Kids for School

Tips for Preparing for Kindergarten

The teachers overwhelmingly agreed that the Bright Horizons graduates in their classrooms entered school well prepared with these skills in mind.

  • 92% or more of teachers agree or strongly agree that Bright Horizons graduates enter elementary school with a strong enthusiasm for learning, an ability to make new friends, and the ability to respect others.
  • 94% said that graduates were ready to accept new responsibilities and greater independence.
  • More than 92% agree that the Bright Horizons graduates in their class were well prepared with the reading and math skills they needed for academic success.
  • 95% of the teachers surveyed believe the Bright Horizons graduates met or exceeded their expectations for readiness for kindergarten and first grade, and 97% believe the child's preschool experience played a critical role in the child's preparedness.

"My daughter learned so much at Bright Horizons, from letters and numbers, to ways to express her creativity, to following classroom rules. She truly blossomed with you and her progress continues in elementary school, making her one of the more advanced children in her class."

-Bright Horizons Parent

Parents' Perspectives on School Readiness

Bright Horizons Prepares Children for Kindergarten & SchoolToday's parents share high expectations for early achievement. Parents want to ensure that their children enter school ready to meet or exceed academic expectations. Those same parents overwhelmingly believe that their child's Bright Horizons experience met their high expectations.

  • More than 98% of Bright Horizons parents believe that their children entered elementary school with a strong enthusiasm for learning, an ability to make new friends, and an ability to respect others.
  • 97% of Bright Horizons parents agree that their children entered school prepared and ready to meet the demands of kindergarten or first grade.
  • 90% believe their child entered elementary school with the necessary reading and math skills.
  • 96% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that their child was prepared to speak in a group.
  • Parents were asked questions about their child's development of "citizenship" skills - 98% agreed or strongly
    agreed that their child learned to take care of the environment, to be sensitive to the feelings of others, and to respect individual differences while at Bright Horizons.

This study shows that Bright Horizons graduates are well prepared for the academic, social, and behavioral expectations of the first year of elementary school. Parents and teachers agree that Bright Horizons is successfully preparing children for school both socially and academically while fostering a strong enthusiasm for learning.

Kindergarten & School Readiness at Bright Horizons