Finding Strength

In times of crisis it is important to find strength and reassurance in our communities, our diversity, and our common commitment to learning how to develop a better world. Horrific natural disasters that create large scale destruction can bring into focus that we are one planet — a planet that our children will inherit. How we live our lives, the resources we consume, and the policies our governments pursue, all have an effect on the natural world. Children need to be taught about nature and the earth; the natural forces that can affect our own lives and the lives of children and adults around the globe.

Children need to develop an empathy and thoughtfulness that underlie their judgment. They need to learn how to work together to solve problems and draw upon the strength of their family, community, nation, and the world. A catastrophe or crisis that spurs us to respond with compassion and support can also remind us that pain and suffering, grief or loss, are not confined to world-shattering events. Every day, children around the world need our compassion and support for tragedies and struggles both large and small.


Children are always surrounded by heroes. In addition to the firefighters, police, rescue workers, armed forces, and all those who helped the victims or survived the devastation, there are others:

  • Parents, teachers, and other adults who give children their strength when they themselves are overwhelmed with their own feelings of uncertainty, fear, or grief.
  • Children who help to protect themselves and their families, acting bravely as they flee or endure natural disasters.
  • Children and adults who recognize they can support others in crisis and provide time, energy, or material resources to help others.

When the winds are howling, when the noise is deafening and the darkness grows, or the ground shakes or opens up, children need all the shelter and light that we can bestow upon them.We need to always remember that children have the strength and goodness within them to make the world a better place in the future.