Jennifer Vena

Vice President,
Workforce Consulting
Jennifer Vena
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Featured Speaker Working Mother Summit: What’s Next in Child Care Strategies
Researcher The Benefits and Challenges of a Workplace Crèche: Employer-Supported Childcare in India
Podcast Expert Guest The Nexus Podcast: Home Alone with Your Kids
Webinar Panelist Child Care Crisis: Employer Solutions for the Summer & Beyond
For more than 30 years, Jennifer Vena has helped to create workplace environments that support employees and their organizations in reaching their highest level of performance.

She currently leads the Bright Horizons Workforce Consulting Group specializing in workforce management and humanizing the employee experience. Jennifer helps companies to maximize their employee performance by strategically designing workplace environments that offer a multitude of employee supports, ranging from conducting dependent care needs assessments to developing strategic employee well-being initiatives and beyond. She has worked with clients in a wide array of industries and geographies.

In addition to working directly with client employers, Jennifer collaborates internally with the human resources team at Bright Horizons on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” application. Bright Horizons has been named to Fortune’s list 17 times.

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University of California,
Los Angeles

BA Sociology

I am passionate about how high-quality child care impacts a child and a family forever. All children deserve the care, education, and nurturing of expert early childhood educators.
Jennifer and her husband are both UCLA Bruins and enjoy attending basketball, football, and volleyball games to cheer on their alma mater. Her creative outlet is scrapbooking the old-fashioned way with real photos, and her children each have 8 albums chronicling their lives. Jennifer and her husband plan to have travel adventures once they become empty-nesters.
Jennifer Vena and her husband at a UCLA Bruins game


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