When Pregnancies and Bigger Jobs Go Hand in Hand

pregnant mom

July 10, 2019 –Bright Horizons was featured in the Wall Street Journal for being an employer that actively supports career growth for pregnant women.  In the latest by Joann Lublin, the story of Regional Manager Amanda Horne was highlighted as one of many examples of how companies can encourage women in taking on leadership roles.

Joann Lublin writes, “Some employers are trying harder to pave the way for expectant women to progress. Amanda Horne, a regional manager for Bright Horizons Family Solutions, the largest U.S. provider of employer-sponsored child care, says her boss already knew she was pregnant when she encouraged the child-care-center director to apply for a regional-manager opening. Three other colleagues who interviewed Ms. Horne for the promotion also have children. None expressed qualms about her pregnancy or parental duties crimping her performance, she says.

Ms. Horne ascended to regional manager shortly before she delivered her daughter in the fall of 2017. She was granted permission to skip an out-of-town company conference scheduled for the same week she resumed work in January 2018.”

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