Bright Horizons Centers Celebrate Pride and LGBT History

Pride Parade

October 17, 2018 – In observance of LGBT History month, Bright Horizons centers from coast to coast shared how they celebrated pride throughout the year.

In August, dozens of staff and families from California centers marched in the Silicon Valley Pride Parade.  Leading up to the parade, the students at Bright Horizons at San Jose worked on pride-based art projects to bring to the parade. A mini float was even created by a family using an ATV and trailer to display the artwork created by the children. 

“The participants enjoyed the march and celebration of diversity as the youngest generation was taught to choose love,” Lauren Guerrero, Assistant Director at Bright Horizons at San Jose.

At the Spring Street Early Learning Center in Seattle, toddlers celebrated Pride Month in June by learning what it means to be accepting of all individuals.  They studied dance moves from the famous choreographer Bill T. Jones while learning about math and shapes.  As they practiced their basic ballet and jazz moves, they learned how dance can help all people to be happier and healthier.  Additionally, students read stories from the books, “Daddy, Poppa, and Me,” along with “Mommy, Momma, and Me” and spent days painting, tearing and gluing the different colors of the Pride and Transgender Pride flags.

On the East Coast, members of the Bright Horizons family opened the Boston Pride Parade in June.  Showing their Bright Horizons Pride, the team from Massachusetts Bright Horizons centers and the Home Office led the march throughout the streets of Boston proudly holding the parade banner.