A Mammoth Discovery in Seattle Leads to Endless Learning Opportunities for Children

Children of Bright Horizons at South Lake Union, a child care and preschool in Seattle, received an up-close-and-personal history lesson when construction workers discovered an ancient fossil at a construction site adjacent to the Center. Experts from the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture confirmed that the fossil is that of an ice age wooly mammoth. According to the museum, the ancient elephant relatives lived in Washington until approximately 10,000 years ago and their fossils have been found throughout the western part of the state.

Monique Green, Center Director of Bright Horizons at South Lake Union, quickly seized this finding as a learning-through-discovery opportunity for children at the Center. Since the fossil finding, teachers have been reading books and watching movies with the children that include pictures and images of ice-age creatures.  Additionally, the preschool class completed a “fossil dig” in the playground sandbox.

“We are truly maximizing this fossil finding as a curricular opportunity,” said Monique. “Learning through discovery can be very powerful in encouraging children to ask questions the world around them.  This fits in so beautifully with what we are already teaching at the Center, and the kids are just so excited.”

Several news stations, including KING5, KOMO-TV, have spoken with Monique and teachers at Bright Horizons South Lake Union about this exciting discovery. You can view them here: