Bright Horizons Senior Adviser Featured in Boston Globe Providing Advice on Family Travel

[WATERTOWN, Mass., July 29, 2016] - Boston Globe reporter Jaci Conry recently interviewed Linda Whitehead, PH.D. and Senior Adviser for Education and Development at Bright Horizons, on how to make traveling with the family less stressful. Whitehead explained that it is helpful for parents to maintain realistic expectations before leaving on the family trip, remembering that the trip isn’t going to really be a break for them and knowing that it will go more smoothly the more engaged they are with their children.

“Accept that things won’t always go as planned. There’s a high likelihood that an 18-month-old will melt down at some point on an airplane,” says Whitehead. “We have all been in situations where our child is crying and everyone is looking. But try not to be self-conscious. Most people are kind and will have empathy, some will offer to help. Keep in mind that it won’t last forever, your child will get through it, you’ll get through it.”

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