Bright Horizons Awarded Alliance for Work/Life Professionals First Ever Seal of Distinction

[WATERTOWN, Mass., -- April 12, 2012] Bright Horizons Family Solutions®, the world’s leading provider of employer-sponsored child care, early education, and work/life solutions, today announced that it has been awarded the inaugural Alliance for Work/Life Professionals (AWLP) Seal of Distinction.

The AWLP Work-Life Seal of Distinction celebrates employers who demonstrate leadership in workplace strategies and practices that help employees achieve their dual agenda: success at work and in their personal lives.

“Since our founding more than 25 years ago, Bright Horizons has embraced a culture of caring and support.
We are honored that AWLP has recognized all that we do here at Bright Horizons,” said Bright Horizons Chief Executive Officer David Lissy. “Our culture reflects the essence of what Bright Horizons does – we care for others. We understand that our employees don’t leave themselves behind when they come to work. When they feel supported and secure professionally and personally, they are better able to do their job and to get more joy doing it.”

Starting last year, Bright Horizons began surveying its workforce in a groundbreaking study to measure employee wellbeing. The study helped the organization to gain a better understanding of what pressures employees face both professionally and personally, and how those stressors impact their day-to-day lives both at work and at home. These findings are helping to shape the future of Bright Horizons.

Understanding the wellbeing of employees is critical for today’s employers. According to a national survey of employees done by the Horizons Workforce Consulting™ group, employees with key work/life supports are:

  • 21 percent more likely to put extra effort into work 30 percent more satisfied with life as a whole
  • 34 percent more invested in their work
  • 20 percent less likely to have missed a day of work in the past six months because their regular dependent care provider was not available
“Bright Horizons is not alone in wanting engaged, productive and loyal employees, but identifying what motivates employees can be a challenge, and we can help others learn through the tools we have developed,” said Lissy.