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Children and seniors making art together

May 22, 2019 – Preschoolers from The Children’s Place at Phillip’s Academy in Andover, Massachusetts were featured in the Andover Townsman for their intergenerational art lesson with neighbors from Bridges Assisted Living & Memory Care Facility. To ensure that the art lesson would be appropriate for both the preschoolers and the seniors, the art teacher researched dementia and memory loss to find a meaningful activity. It was discovered that painting a Mandala – a symbol of the cosmos or universe, traditionally a square containing a circle – could help focus both age groups, as the design is symmetrical and can bring balance. Because tpainting also helps to stimulate the memory, this activity was special for all involved.

"It is wonderful to see how our students collaborate on inspiring projects, like this art lesson, with our senior neighbors," said The Children’s Place at Phillip’s Academy Center Director, Carol Landry. "Partnering with Bridges Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility in Andover has been special not only for the children, but for our staff as well – challenging us all to educate in innovative ways that will benefit all ages."

On May 17, Bridges Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility unveiled one of the Mandalas that was created with the preschoolers in their art show.

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