Child Care a Crucial Factor in Keeping Women Working

teacher and child

April 15, 2024 –  In an article for The Atlanta Journal Constitution about how child care is a crucial factor for working women, the author interviews Rebecca Riley, a Mercedes-Benz employee, about using child care benefits from Bright Horizons and also speaks with Bright Horizons CEO Stephen Karmer on the topic.

One of the nation’s largest child-care providers, Bright Horizons, which provides child care at Mercedes-Benz, has seen a spike in demand, partly because of return-to-office mandates, said Stephen Kramer the company’s CEO.

Bright Horizons has standalone sites, but also many at corporate offices, he said.

“Child care is having a renaissance,” Kramer said. “There is more demand than there is supply. We are seeing that working parents are speaking up and looking to their employers to fill the void so that they can remain in the workforce.”

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