The Long-Awaited FAFSA Is Finally Here. Now, Hurry Up and Fill It Out. Here’s Why.

son with parents

December 31, 2023 – In an article for USA Today about the new FAFSA, Shannon Vasconcelos, senior director of college finance for Bright Horizons College Coach, shares advice for families when filling out the application. 

If you need to make corrections or additions, answer school questions, or provide more information, you won't be able to until February at the earliest, further delaying financial aid offers, said Shannon Vasconcelos, Bright Horizons college coach, a unit of childcare operator Bright Horizons. So, make sure “to get all your ducks in a row upfront,” she said. “Prepare and send any information upfront if you have special circumstances -- if the tax year 2022 information for the 2024-25 FAFSA is no longer representative of your financial situation. There’s no time for a lot of back and forth." Also, send your information to all the schools you’re even just considering so there’s no delay if you decide to apply. If you don’t, the school just won’t do anything with information and there’s no harm.

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