Bright Horizons Recognizes Teachers for Their Dedication to the Field of Early Childhood Education

teacher and student

December 4, 2023 – Fifteen teachers at Bright Horizons were named winners of the Janice Hill Memorial Award given in memory of the late Janice Hill who served as a dedicated teacher for 10 years at Bright Horizons Campbell Child Care Center before losing her battle with cancer in 1998. The Janice Hill Award recognizes teachers from among employees who work at Bright Horizons child care and early education centers across the country.

For the past 25 years, this special award has been given during the company’s annual Awards of Excellence celebration and acknowledges teachers who demonstrate excellence in early childhood education, build supportive relationships with center families, and have a strong passion for the field of education. Janice Hill Award Recipients have made an enormous impact in the lives of both the children and the families they serve, demonstrating true commitment to Bright Horizons mission and dedication to doing deeply consequential work.

This year’s group of winners include:

Sonia W.
Suzie H. 
Tamara M. 
Danita H. 
Makini C. 
Monica R. 
Kelly Ann M. 
Ivy Jean B. 
Connie D. 
Maria R. 
Nirva F. 
Heather B. 
Martha H. 
Deb L. 
LiQiong L. 

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