Noodle and EdAssist by Bright Horizons Form Partnership to Expand Access to High-Quality Education Opportunities at Nation’s Leading Universities

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April 5, 2022 –  Noodle, the country’s fastest-growing online learning network, today announced a partnership with EdAssist by Bright Horizons, the leading provider of workforce education benefits. Through the partnership, EdAssist’s more than 250 clients, who represent the nation’s leading employers and seven million adult learners, will now have access to Noodle’s high-quality education offerings from its roster of university partners.

“Employers have realized that higher ed is a good benefit, and now they’re realizing that great higher ed is a better one,” said John Katzman, Noodle CEO. “By partnering with EdAssist, we can continue to improve the market for workforce education opportunities, providing corporations with access to our universities' unique, engaging, and flexible programs so that they can attract and retain employees at all organizational levels.”

EdAssist oversees more than $1 billion in tuition benefits for clients, and sits at the intersection of employers, adult learners, and education providers to provide credentials that are crucial to meeting the needs of the future workforce.  

Noodle develops and manages more than 80 graduate, degree completion, and certificate programs at 25 of the nation’s leading universities. Its highly-rated online programs are collaborative, engaging, and supportive, fostering a vibrant community of students and faculty that frequently engage, discuss and share ideas. Last year, on average, Noodle partner programs received a student NPS of 40 and achieved retention rates of 85%”.

“We understand from our clients that access to quality higher education opportunities is a critical part of their workforce education programs as they look to invest and offer upskilling opportunities to their employees,” said Jill Buban, VP and General Manager of EdAssist by Bright Horizons. “The institutions in Noodle’s portfolio are an instrumental piece to our suite of 20+ Career Pathways focused on critical employer need areas. Through our partnership, we can expand our already robust network of high-quality educational offerings to our clients to support their talent acquisition and retention strategies.” 

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