Bright Horizons Included in Bloomberg’s 2022 Gender-Equality Index for Third Consecutive Year

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January 26, 2022 –  Bright Horizons® today announced that for the third consecutive year it has been included in the 2022 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI). The GEI tracks the financial performance of 418 public companies committed to transparency in gender-data reporting. This year, the GEI expanded to represent 45 countries and regions.

“Bright Horizons is a strong proponent of equity across all of our services and for all of our employees, and gender equality is a huge piece of that,” said Elizabeth Boland, Chief Financial Officer at Bright Horizons. “As a company dedicated to serving the needs of working parents and adult learners, we are proud to have such a large representation of women both on our senior leadership team and across our company who truly understand the challenges faced by our client employees. We are honored to be recognized by the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for the third year in a row.”

The GEI brings transparency to gender-related practices and policies at publicly listed companies increasing the breadth of environmental, social, governance (ESG) data available to investors. The comprehensive, transparent GEI scoring methodology allows investors to assess company performance and compare across industry peer groups. The reference index measures gender equality across five pillars: female leadership and talent pipeline, equal pay and gender pay parity, inclusive culture, anti-sexual harassment policies, and pro-women brand. 

“We are proud to recognize Bright Horizons and the other 417 companies included in the 2022 GEI for their commitment to transparency and setting a new standard in gender-related data reporting,” said Peter T. Grauer, Chairman of Bloomberg and Founding Chairman of the U.S. 30% Club. “Even though the threshold for inclusion in the GEI has risen, the member list continues to grow. This is a testament that more companies are working to improve upon their gender-related metrics, fostering more opportunity for diverse talent to succeed in their organizations.”

Through disclosure of gender-related metrics using the GEI framework, the firms included in the 2022 GEI have committed to providing a comprehensive look at their investment in women in the workplace, the supply chain and in the communities in which they operate.

Bright Horizons was included in this year’s index for scoring at or above a global threshold established by Bloomberg to reflect a high level of disclosure and overall performance across the framework’s five pillars.

Both the framework and the GEI are voluntary and have no associated costs. The GEI is a reference index and is not for use as a financial benchmark. The index is not ranked. While all public companies are encouraged to disclose supplemental gender data for their company’s investment profile on the Bloomberg Terminal, those that have a market capitalization of USD1 billion are eligible for inclusion in the index. To learn more please visit the GEI website.