With American Workers Prioritizing Education, Leading Healthcare Organizations Double-Down on Education Benefits

Healthcare professional in scrubs

Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions identifies “Smartest Healthcare Organizations in Workforce Education,” offering inside look at companies investing in education benefits and the pay-off for employees and employers

February 11, 2021 – The majority of American workers say they would feel more motivated, more secure and better equipped to do their jobs if they had access to education opportunities offered by their employer, according to a recent research report

Now, Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions, which works with many of the country’s largest employers to provide education benefits and student loan repayment programs, has identified “The Smartest Healthcare Organizations in Workforce Education,” recognizing employers that offer the education benefits that employees want – those that enable workers to upskill, reskill and pursue and pay for higher education.

The Smartest Healthcare Organizations in Workforce Education

The coronavirus pandemic has proven more than ever that healthcare workers are true heroes whose knowledge and skills are invaluable. By partnering with many of the country’s top hospitals and healthcare systems to provide these healthcare workers with education benefits, Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions has identified the top employers in the healthcare sector who are offering the most comprehensive education benefits, with a focus on making those benefits accessible and affordable for the entirety of their workforce. 

EdAssist’s analysis included criteria such as:

  • Availability of education benefits for both full- and part-time employees
  • Access to academic and financial aid coaches to help employees navigate education options at 220 accredited colleges and universities, as well as other upskilling providers
  • Demonstrated commitment to removing barriers to education by offering pre-paid tuition to alleviate employee out-of-pocket expenses and by reducing student loan debt to ensure equity across employees
  • Access to discounted tuition rates from a broad selection of education providers.

“Smart employers invest in what their employees’ value and, today, that means supporting education and career opportunities. This rings especially true for healthcare workers amidst the coronavirus pandemic, whose expertise is so vital right now,” said Patrick Donovan, Vice President of Emerging Services at Bright Horizons. “These employers serve as best practice examples of organizations who provide both broad and targeted education opportunities, along with the coaching and financial guidance that encourage their employees to take that step.” 

The companies recognized by Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions as the “Smartest Healthcare Organizations in Workforce Education” include:

Atrium Health
Atrium Health offers workforce education benefits to help teammates advance their education through professional development programs and coursework leading to a college degree.  They are committed to ensuring access to and affordability of education benefits for all employees, including frontline employees, in an effort to create pathways to livable wages and develop a pipeline of diverse talent to fill critical roles. Since launching their program in July of 2020, Atrium Health has helped over 2,500 teammates forward their education.

Kennedy Krieger
Kennedy Krieger Institute has always recognized the value of education and the financial impact that tuition costs have on employees and their families, so they created an education assistance program that not only benefits employees, but their families, too. In addition to providing tuition assistance for employees to pursue a degree, the organization supports employees’ enrollment in continuing education and personal enrichment classes and provides similar benefits for employees’ spouses and dependents. They also provide undergraduate tuition assistance to dependents of eligible employees in the form of a Dependent Tuition Grant. As a result of this very generous program, Kennedy Krieger has seen a 94% retention rate among education program users.

NewYork-Presbyterian offers education benefits to employees across its ten hospitals, including a pre-pay program where the organization pays tuition fees upfront on an employee’s behalf, and discounts a host of certification courses. The hospital system also introduced financial wellness coaching this past year to help employees navigate tuition expenses and loans with confidence and peace of mind.

Orlando Health
Orlando Health delivers on their commitment to nursing education through a generous tuition assistance program which supports employees continued education. In 2020 alone, Orlando Health supported 619 nurses on their journeys to degrees. The organization also offers a student loan repayment program which has improved the financial wellness of nearly 600 nurses to date. A Magnet recognized health system committed to safe and quality patient care, Orlando Health has seen more than a 10% increase in employee retention amongst those participating in its education benefits program.

Yale New Haven Health 
Yale New Haven Health offers tuition assistance opportunities to employees across its five hospitals. To remove the financial barriers that prevent many working adults from going back to school, the organization launched a direct bill program where they pay the schools upfront, on behalf of the employee. The program has proven successful among employees, with a 10% utilization rate, alongside a 93% retention rate for education benefits program participants.