"Knowing That When I’m at Work, They’re Safe, Creates a Relief"

Sharika Robinson

April 8, 2020 – In an article for ThriveGlobal.com, Sharika Robinson – single mother of two and medical & tech assistant at Harborview University of Washington – describes how the Bright Horizons’ #FirstRespondersFirst child care hub in Seattle gave her the ability to go back to work after taking off more than a week due to lack of child care when schools closed. Sharika says:

"We don’t have family close by, and it was uncomfortable trying to find other people to help watch my children. Being that one of my children has asthma, just exposing him to so many other people and different locations isn’t feasible. You don’t want to just drop the kids off anywhere. It was extremely hard for me and hard for the kids to understand what was going on."

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