Parents Working in Health Care Share Appreciation for #FirstResponderFirst Child Care Centers

kids at harrison park

May 22, 2020 – Working parents in the health care field share their appreciation for the free child care being offered through the Cisco-sponsored #FirstRespondersFirst centers, which allows them to work and care for the patients in their communities during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Sue Routson, Physician in Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Chicago
(Child enrolled at Bright Horizons at Chicago Loop in Chicago, IL)
“It’s really been hard to work because we have all been sheltering together, so to know that Bright Horizons is providing my kids with safe and really fun and engaging child care is huge. If I didn’t have this opportunity I wouldn’t know how to care for my kids while working on the front lines at the hospital. I appreciate you taking care of the children of first responders so that we can go take care of the children of Chicago.” 

Boyd Malphrus, Physician’s Assistant at Duke University Medical Center
(Child enrolled at Bright Horizons at Harrison Park in Cary, NC)
“My husband and I are completely indebted to this program. My effectiveness at work would have suffered tremendously if it weren’t for the Bright Horizons center. I wouldn’t have been able to see as many patients or help kids in the community who need us right now. I have been so encouraged by the support we’ve gotten through the #FirstRespondersFirst program.”

Tara Woolwine, Registered Nurse at Brookwood Baptist Health
(Child enrolled at Bright Horizons BeKare Child Development Center in Birmingham, AL)
“I work in a hospital in pre-op and everything has completely changed because of COVID-19. We screen every person at the door, no visitors are allowed — the hospital is under lockdown and we are constantly in PPE. The only surgeons we allow are for emergency or urgent situations, so the population of patients is much sicker. With me at work focusing on patient care, my husband is working a full-time job at home while trying to entertain and care for our 2-year-old. Now I am able to come to work and run our pre-op unit. Plus, my husband is able to focus on his work and Macy, our daughter, now has more developmental activities to grow and learn.”

Ekta Balani, Surgeon at Kaiser Permanente
(Child enrolled at Cisco Life Connections Children’s Learning Center in San Jose, CA)
“We were lucky enough to be told about First Responders First through our child care center and we are very fortunate that we are able to bring our daughter here. My husband and I were trying to balance working full-time and taking care of a very active three-year-old, so this gives us the opportunity to be more present at work and take care of patients without having to worry about her care. She is happy and stimulated here and that is all a parent can want for their child so we are very grateful.” 

Jasmine Soto, Medical Assistant at Methodist Dallas Medical Center
(Child enrolled at Bright Horizons at Plaza of the Americas in Dallas, TX) 
“If we did not have this child care opportunity for our family, we would have a lot at stake. We would not be able to work, which would affect our family and, working in a healthcare facility, our patients need our care and attention.”