DaVita Expands Initiative to Advance Nursing Education

nurse at computer

August 13, 2020 – DaVita has expanded a tuition and support program for its clinical teammates to help them earn an associate's degree in nursing. The program, named Bridge to Your Dreams, includes comprehensive resources to help support and guide selected DaVita patient care technicians, licensed vocational nurses and licensed practical nurses currently employed with the company as they advance their education.

"Fostering an environment where education and career advancement opportunities are easily accessible is a priority at DaVita," Mandy Hale, DNP, MSN, MBA, RN, CNN, chief nursing officer for DaVita Kidney Care. "Through Bridge to Your Dreams, we're nurturing teammates into rewarding careers that help to shape the future of kidney care."

Bridge to Your Dreams follows a unique model that connects participants with nursing education and psychosocial support to help them succeed. Interested applicants can attend an informational webinar and must submit an application before completing a four-week online nursing school simulation course to determine eligibility and be selected for the program.

For selected participants, the program will cover most nursing school tuition and related costs, including the completion of prerequisite courses. DaVita has collaborated with Bright Horizons® FastTrack to provide online college courses, which will transfer into many Associate Degree in Nursing programs across the country. 

Nurses are critical to delivering quality patient care. As the U.S. population increases and people live longer, the number of nurses available to care for patients is declining. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. will need an additional 203,700 new registered nurses each year through 2026 to fill newly created positions and to replace retiring nurses.

DaVita aims to address obstacles that prevent people from continuing their education to create a pipeline of highly trained nurses. Bridge to Your Dreams participants are paired with Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions academic advisors and success coaches who will create overall education plans and guide them in overcoming challenges balancing work and their education. Once participants complete the program, DaVita will support role placement where there are available opportunities and nurses are most needed.

DaVita amplifies its democratic culture via robust training and career development initiatives that support teammates' evolving needs. Bridge to Your Dreams is a component of DaVita Rewards, a program that provides teammates and their families with resources above and beyond standard benefits packages, including health care coverage, retirement planning, career development and social and emotional well-being.  

Shared with permission from DaVita.