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Stretched thin, burning out, always on — our survey says what you already know; it’s never been harder to work and parent. And for young parents just starting out, it’s only getting harder. Check out what other working parents have to say.
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Parenting into a New Decade

Since 2014, Bright Horizons has been keeping an annual pulse on the topics that matter most to working parents like you. The 6th annual Modern Family Index revisits key issues facing working parents as we head into a new decade. Watch the full Modern Family Index webinar to hear two Bright Horizons vice presidents discuss the implications of the survey on working parenthood today.

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bright horizons modern family index parents experience burnout


Working parents surveyed said they experience burnout all or most of the time (38%) — an increase by a third since 2015. Nearly all of them (87%) admit to stressing about family responsibilities at work at least once a day — a rate that hasn’t budged since 2017. During the webinar, we discussed why burnout prevails more for today’s working parents than ever before.

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Bright Horizons Modern Family Index Parents Feel Pressure


Almost half of working parents (46%) would take more time off, and 23% would seek more vacation days. 26% of working parents want a reduced work schedule and 16% would ask for a lighter workload. During the webinar, we weighed the pros and cons of “always on” culture.

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Watch The Webinar

Watch the full-length Modern Family Index webinar on-demand, and hear even more from the Modern Family Index and working parents like you.

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Listen to the Podcast

On this episode, we break down the full report and share stories from the trenches and what working parents are doing to make work and family fit.

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We revealed in a previous Modern Family Index what it means to “lead like a mom” and what research says about working motherhood.

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