Lessons from the Hybrid Work Era

New Bright Horizons® Research for Employers

The remote era was supposed to change everything for working parents. But the 9th Annual Modern Family Index shows some surprising costs – and it’s not just employees who should be concerned.

busy mother at home with daughter

We Asked, Parents Told Us

After high-hopes for change, this year’s Modern Family Index shows employees with children continuing to struggle.

Takeaways from the 9th annual study:

mother with son working at home

Working Without a Net

Child care in short supply

40% of parents are working without the help they need, and most say it’s affecting their productivity

Busy worker at home

Millennials and Gen Z on Edge

Concerns for Careers

40% of young employees worry about remote work’s effect on their careers vs. 28% of Gen X/Boomers

Dad with daughter working from home

Return to Office at Risk

Missed Opportunities

RTO appeals to many, but 34% of parents who do work on site say they have no benefits to help them at all.