Employee Wellness Program Benefits

Employee Wellness Programs Benefits

The value of employee wellness programs and benefits

Employee stress is a leading cause of lost work hours, career setbacks, and costly turnover. As a result, employee wellness programs and benefits are on the rise as employers realize the potential of these programs to build a happier, more productive workforce. Dependent care, educational assistance, and other wellness programs can successfully address the causes of employees’ stress, helping to enhance performance, increase retention, and fuel a superior talent management strategy.

Bright Horizons provides strategic employee wellness programs and benefits for more than 1,000 of the world’s most renowned employers, helping to build high-performance workforces by supporting workers through every stage of their lives and careers.

The real source of employee wellness

For many employers, employee wellness programs and benefits are limited to gym memberships, smoking cessation efforts, weight loss programs, and other health-oriented benefits. But these solutions address the symptoms of unwellness rather than getting at the root causes.
Effective employee wellness programs offer benefits that address the sources of stress in workers’ lives. Employee daycare, for example, can help relieve the stress of new parents by successfully balancing responsibilities at work and home, allowing them to return to work sooner. Student loan repayment programs can help alleviate the stress of high levels of student debt, enabling motivated employees to achieve the financial freedom they need to pursue higher degrees and career ambitions. Back-up care provides working parents with access to emergency care when regular care arrangements fall through. Elder care programs provide support for employees who are caring for elderly relatives – often while caring for young children as well. 

The business impact of wellness programs on productivity can be significant. With less stress in their home life, employees are more motivated to be focused and engaged at work. And the support provided by their employer helps to create stronger bonds of loyalty, enhancing retention of valuable talent.  

Employee wellness programs and benefits from Bright Horizons

For more than 30 years, Bright Horizons has provided strategic solutions that help employers maximize workforce performance and build a more robust talent pipeline. Our employee wellness programs and benefits are designed for employers across a variety of industries and provide real-impact services that appeal to the modern workforce and drive more significant business results.

By providing family solutions like employee child care benefits and education solutions like tuition reimbursement, employers can:

Enhance recruitment. Family-friendly employers are a magnet for top talent seeking a place where they can balance the demands of work with the responsibilities of family life. By offering wellness programs and benefits for employees, businesses can more successfully attract exceptional candidates and keep the talent pipeline full.
Improve retention. Employee wellness programs and benefits build higher loyalty among workers. As a result, employees are more likely to remain with an employer longer rather than seeking new opportunities with competitors or leaving the workforce to manage their family obligations.
Increase productivity. When employees receive support to manage family conflicts, pursue advanced training, and achieve financial well-being, they can pour more energy into their work and focus on turning in their best performance.

Remove obstacles that hinder performance with family solutions

Child care challenges, personal emergencies, and family responsibilities can lead to skipped meetings, missed deadlines, absences from work – and significant losses in productivity. Employees caring for children, aging parents, and other family members make up a majority of the workforce, making dependent care services among the most impactful employee wellness programs and benefits. Bright Horizons provides family care solutions for employees in every life stage to enhance engagement and prevent costly turnover. 

Our family care solutions include:

On-Site Child Care: Finding child care is a significant challenge and stressor for working parents. Employer-sponsored child care provides affordable, high-quality child care that is integrated into the workplace. Child care benefits are highly attractive to employees in every industry and can help retain valuable workers and recruit top talent.
Elder Care: Many workers today are caring for aging parents or other relatives whose needs for care only grow more complex. Bright Horizons provides elder care experts who can guide employees through this time-consuming and complicated process, offering services that range from helpful advice to in-home care.
Back-Up Care: Sickness, school closures, and family emergencies often lead to disruptions in the workplace. Our back-up care programs offer access to an extensive network of care centers and in-home caregivers for children, elders, and other adults needing special assistance, helping to solve care gaps and minimize absences and disruption at work.
College Coaching: The college application process is a stressful time for working parents. Our program provides access to essential information, helpful resources, and expert guidance to assist employees and their students with every step of the education process.
Special Needs: We provide essential resources for parents of children with emotional, developmental, or behavioral challenges, enabling children to succeed and parents to perform their best at work.

Relieve financial stress with student loan repayment programs

Student loan repayment is one of the most meaningful employee wellness programs or benefits for employees burdened by debt. Bright Horizons’ employer student loan repayment program helps employees find financial well-being so they can focus on advancing their careers or pursuing additional training. Our offerings include industry-specific programs like tuition reimbursement for nursing that are geared toward recruiting and retaining essential talent.

Highlights of Bright Horizon’s student loan repayment programs include:

Flexible Design: Our programs are tailored to fit your organizational goals, with customizable enrollment criteria and options for a global roll-out or a targeted population. With expert guidance, you can make strategic payments that help employees save thousands of dollars in interest, winning their loyalty and enabling them to focus on work rather than the burden of their student debt.
Financial Wellness Coaching: Our team of coaches is well-versed in the complexities of student loans and repayment strategies. We help employees understand the terms of their loans, compare refinancing options, and build a plan of action with achievable repayment goals to simplify the process and relieve stress.

FAQs: What are employee wellness programs and benefits?

What are employee wellness programs and benefits?
Employee wellness programs and benefits are meaningful solutions to problems that cause stress for employees and disruptions in the workplace.  
What types of programs best promote employee wellness?
The most meaningful employee wellness programs and benefits are those that address the most significant sources of stress in the lives of employees. These include dependent care benefits such as on-site child care, back-up care, and elder care as well as educational assistance programs, including student loan repayment programs.
What are the benefits of employee wellness programs?

Employee wellness programs and benefits help workers to be more productive and to engage more fully at work. For employers, wellness benefits help to create a more loyal and motivated workforce, improving performance while more successfully recruiting and retaining top talent.
How do child care benefits contribute to employee wellness?
Finding high-quality, affordable child care is a major challenge for working parents. Employer-sponsored child care can help employees solve care challenges, reducing stress and enabling them to be more focused and productive at work.
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