Defense firm gains impressive employee retention

Firm uses tuition assistance benefit to support business growth as well as learning and development.

A large aerospace/defense leader was looking to deliver focused results from learning and development and internal training investments to help meet critical skill gaps that aligned with the company’s strategic direction and future growth plan. By providing more defined career development roadmaps, they sought to recruit and retain the specialized workforce needed to deliver on large military and government contracts. Additionally, they had a pressing need to centralize their $9.8 million tuition reimbursement program, which had struggled amid siloed department budgets, duplicate vendor contracts, and inconsistent internal training.


This company turned to EdAssist® to create a fully modernized and outsourced tuition assistance program that streamlined and standardized tuition programs, offered custom education cohort programs, and provided personalized educational advising to shorten learning times for a highly educated engineering workforce. 


  • $4.4 million in overall program savings
  • 4.4% employee attrition rate overall
  • 95% retention rate among eMBAs
  • Average reduction in eMBA spend of 23.5%
  • Accelerated employee degree completion

Facts & Figures

Industry: Aerospace and defense

Total employees: 18,000