We are happy to stay connected and support your child’s learning while you are safely at home. This website offers guided learning opportunities that follow a similar classroom daily schedule. Children thrive with routine, especially when there is big change around them. Think about all the things you need to accomplish while you are at home and add in as much activity as you feel supports your child and your own needs. We are giving you a lot of resources with the intent that you will use what works for you.

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James discusses how you can support your child with the small and big changes (or transitions) that happen to them every day, and describes the importance of preparing for those moments.

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Download the podnotes card to remind yourself of the top tips.

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All webinars run from 18:00 – 18:45 (Indian Standard Time) and can be accessed using the links below. Please do register for the live sessions even if you are unable to attend live, as you will be emailed a link to the recording for you to listen to at your own convenience. For the full schedule of Family Webinars, Click Here.

19th January: Engaging Young Talent - On Demand

Looking at how we can create work environments in which young, early-career professionals can grow, push boundaries, and think differently. How do you build a satisfying career and make the most of informal and formal mentoring opportunities? What do and don’t you need?

15th February: The Art of Enough - On Demand

Acknowledging the unhelpful cycle of perfectionism - procrastination – paralysis. Today we are under pressure to be more and do more, how can we find our own version of Enough and flourish with healthy balance and boundaries?

8th March: Beyond Visible - On Demand

Assessing how we can step beyond profile towards influence when it comes to women’s visibility in the workplace. What are the implications of the process and data in gender pay gap reporting and what does this mean for women in the day-to-day?

20th April: Understanding Neurodiversity - On Demand

Understanding how it is to live and work with neurodiversity while debunking the popular myths and misconceptions that persist. What are some of the ways individuals overcome the obstacles and how can we more fully celebrate the positives neurodivergence brings?

11th May: Beating Burnout On Demand

Reflecting on strategies to reduce the risk of burnout and managing the response when things are heading in the wrong direction. We know burnout can impact anyone; so how do we maintain performance and wellbeing under the constant pressure of long hours, tight deadlines and wider commitments?

7th June: Connecting Carers - On Demand

Considering how carers can build their personal support networks – both within and outside their workplace - to access the information, role models and support they need. Working carers can be a ‘hidden population’ with commitments not fully known or understood, how do carers stay on track with career alongside caring?

13th July: Allyship at Work - On Demand

Getting beyond understanding the policy and intention of diversity and inclusion in our workplaces to explore what it means in practice. What is the role of allyship in challenging on-going biases and how do we get a better understanding and representation in the workplace?

21st September: Happy Hybrid - On Demand

Exploring what enables happy and satisfying hybrid working. What are the set up and practices that might enhance your workplace well-being and strengthen collaborations when working alone remotely and in shared office spaces?

18th October: Managing MenopauseOn Demand

Talking openly and honestly about the challenge menopause presents and sharing strategies for handling this life transition better. What are some of the myths and how can we better understand the personal and workplace implications of the process?

9th November: Leadership for Today - On Demand

Asking what effective ‘leadership’ looks like and why some of the previously acceptable ways now need to be disrupted or renewed. How do we move towards agile leadership practices built on trust and respond to personal and professional growth?

Family Webinars 2024:

All webinars run from 6:00pm to 6:30pm For the full schedule of Family Webinars, Click Here

24th January: Constructive Relationships: From conflict to calm - Register Now

Many personal and work relationships are under strain as we manage the competing demands, unrealistic expectations and increasing conflict or confrontation. What do we need to pay attention to in our virtual and IRL relationships? Join us for an open conversation with a relationship guru who brings strategies for greater harmony so we can thrive in the company of others - at work and at home. 

21st February: Kids & Screens: Strategies for managing boundaries and safety - Register Now

Devices enrich and enable our lives, but we need to stay alert to the cons of living in a digital world. What’s the impact of smart phones, laptops and tablets on our children’s development and family life? Gain practical insights on establishing positive boundaries around the use of technology. Learn strategies for keeping children safe and savvy online and exchange experiences with others.

14th March: Separation and Divorce: Navigating the changes - Register Now

Whether it’s a shared decision progressing amicably or a process fraught with difference, separation or divorce is widely believed to be one of the most stressful life transitions. How you handle it will be crucial for your own well-being, as well as that of any children or other dependents involved. This webinar draws on first-hand experience to provide support on finding a way to navigate the changes.

17th April: Positive Parenting: The power of praise - Register Now

Running out of ideas for tackling toddler or teen tantrums? Managing behaviour is one of the biggest parenting challenges. This session explores the role of parents in helping their children – at whatever age and stage - to build self-esteem, understand self-control and demonstrate respect for others. Hear from the experts and exchange experiences on praise and reward strategies to enhance the well-being of the whole family.

9th May: Obstacles to Self-Care - Register Now 

We know what we should be doing, so why don’t we do it? Self-care is essential and building resilience is an on-going practice. This interactive session explores inclusive understandings & definitions of well-being and shares strategies for maintaining positive mental health; increasing our awareness of how those around us are doing when under the constant pressure of long hours, tight deadlines and wider life commitments.

12th June: Dealing with Loss - Register Now 

Grief is a natural response to loss when something or someone you love is taken away. It can bring a range of difficult and unexpected emotions and sometimes impact on your physical health too. A support network can make the difference and help you through. In this session, we’ll learn more about ways of coping and building support whether for yourself or for a loved one who is grieving.

11th July: Intergenerational Workplaces: Bringing out the best in all - Register Now

Exploring how it is to live and work with neurodiversity while debunking the popular myths and misconceptions that persist. What are some of the strategies individuals and their allies can utilise to overcome obstacles and misunderstandings? And how can we more fully understand and celebrate the benefits of diversity?

25th September: Understanding ADHD - Register Now

Understanding how it is to live and work with ADHD and related conditions while debunking the popular myths and misconceptions that persist. What are some of the ways in which individuals overcome the obstacles and how can we more fully celebrate the positives this neurodivergence brings? This webinar promises an open and honest conversation with those who have direct experience to help deepen our understanding.

17th October: Finding Balance: Working smarter not harder at work and home - Register Now

How can we work smarter, not harder? What can we do practically to free up more time and make the most of the moments we have in our work and home lives? How do we get better at identifying the time stealers and time savers that can make all the difference? Let’s discuss strategies and best practice tips for more effective conversations and actions with our manager, teams and the stakeholders in our broader lives.

14th November: Great Expectations: Insights for new and expectant parents - Register Now

For new and expectant parents this webinar provides an invaluable inside track. On the personal front, we consider the necessary preparations for the arrival of your child and welcoming them into your family, as well as what to expect during the first few weeks following birth or adoption, including the potential impact on your wellbeing. On the career front, we’ll share some tips on how to manage your handovers and transitions in the workplace.