We are happy to stay connected and support your child’s learning while you are safely at home. This website offers guided learning opportunities that follow a similar classroom daily schedule. Children thrive with routine, especially when there is big change around them. Think about all the things you need to accomplish while you are at home and add in as much activity as you feel supports your child and your own needs. We are giving you a lot of resources with the intent that you will use what works for you.

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James discusses how you can support your child with the small and big changes (or transitions) that happen to them every day, and describes the importance of preparing for those moments.

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Download the podnotes card to remind yourself of the top tips.

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All webinars run from 17:00 – 17:45 (Indian Standard Time) and can be accessed using the links below. Please do register for the live sessions even if you are unable to attend live, as you will be emailed a link to the recording for you to listen to at your own convenience. For the full schedule of Family Webinars, Click Here.

14th January: Reboot & Revive: Strategies for positive mental health - On Demand

Let’s start as we mean to go on…new year, new resolutions. Living through the pandemic and its impact on our routines has led to more open discussions around mental health.  Individuals who have not previously experienced anxiety, isolation or heightened stress find themselves tackling these challenges for the first time.  This interactive session explores strategies for maintaining positive mental health and increasing our awareness of how those around us are doing.

11th February: All Zoomed Out: Managing virtual interactions and relationships - On Demand

Since the arrival of coronavirus, increasing numbers are working from home and our work relationships have moved to the webcam.  And in our personal lives too we are Zooming and FaceTiming friends and family to keep in touch.  What do we need to pay attention to in these virtual relationships; what’s lost and what do we gain?  Join us for an open conversation about how we can manage our work and family relationships better in this new norm.

10th March: A Confident Return: Paying attention to profile following a significant period of leave - On Demand

After a period of lengthy leave from work, confidence can dip, career vision and values may shift and there will be times when you wonder if it’s all possible. Planning important conversations with significant people at work and at home is an important step. You can re-establish strong connections and perhaps build some new connections that will help you combine career and family. This session will explore how we identify our key stakeholders and nurture our network.

22nd April: Live Wires: Parenting children and young people with Autism, ADHD and Asperger’s - On Demand

Autistic spectrum conditions range from mild to severe but in all cases, they impact on day-to-day living. Some conditions may be missed or overlooked by individuals, families, schools, workplaces and the wider community. This means individuals and carers don't always get the support they need. This webinar promises an open and honest conversation with those who have direct experience to help deepen our understanding.

19th May: Avoiding Burn Out: The neuroscience of stress management - On Demand

How do we maintain top performance when under constant pressure? What are the triggers and danger signs that indicate when helpful pressure is turning into damaging stress. In this session we will explore the self-defeating habits we trigger when stressed and identify the alternative choices we can make, particularly in times of change. Join us and explore core strategies for dealing with high demand situations and keeping things manageable…and even enjoyable!

9th June: Coping with Grief & Loss: How to build your support network - On Demand

Grief is a natural response to loss when something or someone you love is taken away. It can bring a range of difficult and unexpected emotions and sometimes impact on your physical health too. A support network can make the difference and help you through. In this session, we’ll learn more about ways of coping and building support whether for yourself or for a loved one who is grieving.

14th July: Breaking News: Talking to children and young people about current affairs - On Demand

How do your children access news and current affairs? And how much do you discuss with them the main news stories of the day in these complex and challenging times? In our media-saturated age and related stresses of the constant flow of online information, this session will explore how to find age-appropriate methods to talk to your children about challenging topics.

16th September: Separation & Divorce: Personal stories about thriving, not just surviving - On Demand

Whether it’s a shared decision progressing amicably or a process fraught with difference, separation/divorce is widely believed to be one of the most stressful life transitions. How you handle it will be crucial for your own well-being, as well as that of any children or other dependants involved. Then there are the additional demands of keeping all on track at work. This webinar draws on first-hand experience to provide insights on finding a way to survive and thrive.

14th October: Ditching the Guilt: Proactive solutions for  managing your work-life boundaries - On Demand

Guilt, in its purest form, is a helpful response designed to motivate us into taking action. But all too often it’s ‘unhelpful guilt’ we experience on a daily basis. This type of guilt is energy sapping; moving on from this emotion is all about tuning into our values and our choices. This webinar explores proactive practice in getting beyond unhelpful guilt to more positive outcomes for yourself and your loved ones.

17th November: Great Expectations: Insights for new & expectant parents - On Demand

For new and expectant parents this webinar provides an invaluable inside track. On the personal front, we will consider the necessary preparations for the arrival of your child and welcoming them into your family, as well as what to expect during the first few weeks following birth or adoption, including the potential impact on your mental health and wellbeing. On the career front, we’ll share some tips from our leadership and parent transition coaching team on how to make a successful handover and prepare for re-entry to the workplace.