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Science Activities in the Kitchen for Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers

Kids Kitchen Activities

Science is everywhere in your own home - especially in the kitchen! Here are a few ways for you and your child to learn, discover, and experiment together.

  • Using the high chair or booster chair tray for your infant or toddler is a great way to provide sensory experiences that are easy to clean up. Cornstarch goop, ice cubes, non-toxic paint, and pizza dough are a few examples of materials you can use.
  • Place round oatmeal containers on the floor for your infant or toddler to roll around and learn about properties of objects. Place safe items inside to create a variety of sounds.
  • Cooking with kids is a fun way for children to learn all kinds of science including observation, cause and effect, and experimentation.
  • Extend the science lesson into math and language by having children help select recipes, write it out, make a grocery list, and go to the store to buy the ingredients.
  • Have some bubble fun and teach children about changing properties when you mix water and soap to make suds. Older children can even wash the dishes. You can also help children explore science with sponges.
  • Set spices on the table and allow children to name, smell, taste and explore the scents and tastes. Pour small amounts in bowls or in the jar lids and have child match them by smell, color, or texture.
  • Boil water to showcase the transformation of water into steam when it is heated. Likewise, pour some juice in an ice cube tray and have your child make observations at hourly intervals.
  • Place magnets on the fridge for your child to manipulate and discuss how they think the magnets stay on.
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