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The Parent's Role

How to teach science to children.

Parents Role in Science

Science is all around you. Creating a home environment rich in exploration and discovery will make the most of your child's curious nature. As parents, you can encourage your child to actively explore, compare, and question. Actively engage with your child to search for answers: "Let’s find out together" is a powerful phrase. Take a walk. Make some ice. Measure shadows. Study an ant hill. Let your child's interests guide the learning experience by observing your child at play and listening carefully to what they say.

To foster curiosity and cultivate a quest for knowledge, ask open-ended questions about what your child sees and experiences, such as:

  • What do you think?
  • Tell me about it?
  • How would you describe…?
  • What does it look/feel/smell/taste/sound like?
  • What do you think happened? How?
  • How can we find out?
Your Home as a Laboratory 

Your home and outdoor areas are wonderful laboratories that contain many basic elements for science activities: water, heat, and cold, as well as nature and wildlife. You and your child can discover science together. Become collaborators who collect, sort, arrange, create, construct, and experiment with materials found right in your home, both indoors and outdoors.


  • Egg cartons and ice trays
  • Plastic containers
  • Strainers and sifters
  • Measuring spoons and cups
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Eye droppers
  • Tape and glue
  • Sponges
  • Pebbles and seashells
  • Bark, leaves, and seeds
  • Flowers and plants
  • Clay, mud, dirt, and sand
  • Spades and shovels
  • Feathers and nests
  • Insects and snails 
  • Spades and shovels
  • Rain gauges and thermometers
  • Binoculars
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