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The Parent's Role

How to prepare children for school.

growing learners parents role The most important thing you can do as a parent is to make learning experiences at home both fun and relaxed. Your goal is to encourage lifelong curiosity and promote a desire to learn. By creating daily opportunities for discovery, your child will find that learning new things is interesting, joyful, and worth pursuing.

The ideas on this site are intended to demonstrate to parents that delightful learning activities abound naturally, with almost no preparation needed. Fun learning can happen while in the car, while you wait at the doctor's office, or as you prepare a meal in your kitchen. Become aware of and embrace the many opportunities you have together for growing your young learner every day, such as:

  • Plant seeds and watch them grow - measure the size of the plant and have your child record the process using their drawing or writing skills
  • Count everything - the steps you climb, the pairs of socks you put away, the scoops of coffee you need for your morning brew
  • Encourage your child to use measuring cups during bath time
  • Start a piggy bank and count loose change together
  • Regardless of your child's age, discuss the latest book she has read - help her make connections between the book and real life experiences
  • Play rhyming games
  • While grocery shopping, have your child make a list of everything green, or things that start with the letter "A" - the possibilities are endless!
Reading Aloud

As parents, we are pulled in so many directions and have so many responsibilities that compete for our attention. But if there is only time for just one thing you could do to grow a lifelong learner, it would be reading aloud. There is no other single activity you could focus on that will have a greater impact on instilling an enduring love of reading and influencing your child’s future academic success. For book recommendations for every age and stage, visit our Growing Readers website.

Your Child's Teachers as Resources

At the same time, it is not all up to you to foster your child's development as a lifelong learner.  Every step of your child's journey, both at Bright Horizons and beyond, will be aided by teachers along the way. So, tap into these invaluable partners in the care and inspiration of your child. Take time to review his daily planning sheets and documentation boards, and talk to your child about his day, so that you can find ways to meaningfully extend learning at home.

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