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Boosting Your Child’s Resilience & Independence

Is your child in the “I can do it myself!” stage? Whether your child tries to pour milk from the heavy carton, or jumps back on the jungle gym after a slip, she’s demonstrating independence and resilience. How can you foster these two incredibly important emerging skills? 

Watch our webinar, Boosting Your Child’s Resilience & Independence, to learn how simple, everyday experiences—like letting your child teach you something or getting involved in your child’s play—can cultivate resilience, grit, independence, and perseverance. 

Early childhood specialist Nefertiti Poyner shares the building blocks for raising a resilient, independent child who’s able to confidently take initiative, persist through challenges, and try new things.
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Tapping Into Your Child’s Temperament

Have you ever wondered why your child wants to talk to everyone she sees…even though you’re an introvert? Or, you might be curious where your child got a quiet, reserved nature, when you or your parenting partner are so outgoing. If you want to know more about where your child’s innate style comes from, join us for a conversation all about temperament! 

Get the scoop from child development expert, Karen Cairone, in the Bright Horizons® Family Matters webinar, “Tapping Into Your Child’s Temperament.” 

Learn how genetics, life experiences, and interactions with adults in your child’s life can help shape his or her unique temperament and personal style. And discover how to adapt your parenting style to fit your child, manage especially spirited behavior, and celebrate your child’s uniqueness. 
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How Does My Child Learn?

Do you know how growth, learning, and development happen in your child? Watching your little one recognize letters or count fingers and toes will make you proud, but how much do you know about what’s behind that learning?
Access the Bright Horizons® Family Matters Webinar, How Does My Child Learn?, to get the scoop on the science of learning, and come away with simple activities and ideas you can do to encourage your child’s developing mind.

Learn the processes behind cognitive development from early education experts Susan Friedman from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and Debbie Hoppy, Education and Curriculum Director at Bright Horizons; and discover what’s really important for learning: hands-on play, exposure to interesting concepts, open exploration, and more.
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Life as a New Working Parent

Being a new parent is overwhelming! So when it’s time to go back to work after baby, new schedules, routines, and responsibilities add to the challenge…not to mention the guilt. How can you keep doing all the parent things you’ve been doing these last few months—and now add in a full-time job? Find out in the Bright Horizons® parenting webinar, Life as a New Working Parent.

An expert coach and strategist, Karen Rubin, managing director of Talking Talent, discusses the two biggest return-to-work challenges: managing your new routines…and managing working parent guilt. Get insights and advice for how you can juggle things at home and in the office, keep the bond with your new bundle of joy strong, and resume your career feeling ready as ever.
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Sparking Empathy in Your Child

Are you setting the stage for your child to grow into a kind, empathetic adult? Join our webinar to learn how you can encourage your child to embrace diversity, show kindness, and respect others. We’ll discuss how building friendships and having daily interactions can play an important role in development and give tips on how you can teach and model care and empathy.