How to develop empathy in your child Watch Now

Sparking Empathy in Your Child

Are you setting the stage for your child to grow into a kind, empathetic adult? Join our webinar to learn how you can encourage your child to embrace diversity, show kindness, and respect others. We’ll discuss how building friendships and having daily interactions can play an important role in development and give tips on how you can teach and model care and empathy.
What's your parenting style? Watch Now

Getting to Know Your Parenting Style

When it comes to parenting styles, we all know that one size doesn’t fit all. So how can you ensure your parenting style is helping your child to thrive? Access the Bright Horizons® Family Matters webinar, Getting to Know Your Parenting Style, to find out.

Together with special guest, Claire Lerner, L.C.S.W.-C and Senior Parenting Advisor at ZERO TO THREE, we’ll help you reflect on who you are as a parent. You’ll learn how your parenting style can shape your relationship with your child and impact his or her development. Hear about a variety of parenting styles, and learn how to leverage your own approach to parenting so it benefits you and your child.
STEM education and activities Watch Now

A Parent’s Guide to STEM Education

Access A Parent’s Guide to STEM Education to learn how to introduce STEM to your child in an engaging and developmentally appropriate way that also builds a foundation for future learning.

Together with special guest, Dr. Anita Greenberg, CEO and founder of Science Delights, we explore the benefits of introducing STEM to your child early, activities, books, and games that can help, and how to use STEM to set your child up for future success.

learning through play Watch Now

The Essentials of Learning Through Play

Play is an essential and exciting part of childhood—one that has a large impact on child development. It’s crucial to recognize the importance of play and all the learning opportunities children can have during their playtime.

What are some of the best ways to encourage learning through play that will benefit your child’s development? Watch our Bright Horizons® Family Matters Webinar, The Essentials of Learning Through Play, to find out! 

Together with special guest, Ann Gadzikowski, educator and author of Creating a Beautiful Mess: Ten Essential Play Experiences for a Joyous Childhood, we explore how a balanced variety of creative play experiences – from building blocks to make believe to running around the park– can help children learn and grow; the benefits of different types of play across age groups; and fun activities and games that will keep your child engaged.
Webinar: Striking a Work Life Balance Watch Now

Striking a Balance: The Work/Life Equation

Are you managing all the important facets of your busy life — parenting, marriage, career, social life, and community — or are they managing you?

Watch the Family Matters webinar, Striking a Balance: The Work/Life Equation. During this live, interactive event, Marti and Erin, mother/daughter co-hosts of Mom Enough®, tackle the provocative question, “is work/life balance a myth?” and provide tips for the finding balance in your own life.