Learning at home ideas: Playing the Cups

Suitable for: Preschool
You Will Need:

Music (can be played on the computer, mobile device, boom box, etc.), plastic disposable cups

Turn on the music. Sit on the floor or at a table with your child, and hold two cups upside down. With a cup in each hand, tap the floor (or a table) to the beat of the music. Then make up rhythms and create a pattern for your child to copy (for example, tap the cup twice then flip it over and tap again). Then, switch and have your child create rhythms and patterns for you to copy.
Experiment with cups of different sizes and materials. Add more cups so you each have two or three. Play a game using the cups to converse with each other.

What Your Child Can Learn:  
  • Math through creating patterns with the cups
  • Musical literacy and awareness of rhymes
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Auditory processing of sounds and patterns