Learning at home ideas: Magnetic Pictures

Suitable for: Preschool, Twos
You Will Need:

Photographs of family members and friends, inexpensive flat magnets (that can be cut), scissors, glue, and a metal cookie sheet. Magnet strips may be purchased at stationery, craft, or hardware stores.


With your child, cut out photographs of people and glue the magnets to the backs. Look at the different pictures with your child. If you have two of each picture, you can create a matching game. Encourage your child to create her own free-form pictures and attach magnets to those, too. Show your child how to attach the pictures to the cookie sheet.


This is a great activity for commuting. Change the pictures to keep the activity fresh. If you have a collection of refrigerator magnets, your child can use those on the cookie sheet, too. Keep smaller magnets away from children under three.