Kid's Games and Activities
Suitable for: Multi-Age

Set up one or more clear bins filled with water. Help your c...

Kindergarten Games and Activities
Nature Bracelets
Suitable for: Kindergarten | Preschool | Twos

Go outside with your child and put masking tape with the sti...

Pre-K Games and Activities
Family Band Making Tambourines
Suitable for: Pre-Kindergarten | Preschool

Have your child paint or decorate the bottom (underside) of ...

Kid's Games and Activities
Wonderful Words
Suitable for: Multi-Age

With your child, walk around the house and label common hous...

Kindergarten Games and Activities
Chinese Folding Paper Fans
Suitable for: Kindergarten | Multi-Age | Preschool

Introduce the word “origami” and explain what it...

Infant Games and Activities
Learning Body Parts
Suitable for: Infant

As you are bathing, diapering, dressing, or holding your chi...