Infant Games and Activities
Tippy Toe
Suitable for: Infant | Toddler

Tiptoe your fingers over your baby’s body: up her arms...

Preschool Games and Activities
Sorting Household Objects
Suitable for: Preschool

Start the activity by asking your child to help you put away...

Kid's Games and Activities
Wonderful Words
Suitable for: Multi-Age

With your child, walk around the house and label common hous...

Infant Games and Activities
Exploring and Rolling Oranges
Suitable for: Infant | Toddler | Twos

Look at an orange together. Ask your child, “How does ...

Kindergarten Games and Activities
Guestimating and Estimating!
Suitable for: Kindergarten | Preschool

Have every family member guess or estimate the quantity of t...

Kindergarten Games and Activities
Ice Cream in a Bag
Suitable for: Kindergarten | Multi-Age | Preschool | School Age

Have your child measure milk, sugar, and vanilla into a smal...