Teach. Play. Love. Parenting Advice for the Early Years Episode 23 – How to Talk to Children About Race

Your child says something about race – how do you respond? Listen to this important discussion and get advice from our experts about how you can start (and continue) the discussion of race with children of all ages.

Your child’s brain is hardwired to categorize things — so they’re going to notice and ask about differences. The question is: how should you respond? Join early childhood experts Rachel Robertson and Melanie Brooks to find out how to explore race with your child in a sensitive, positive manner. Plus, learn how to use play, books, images, and experiences to integrate important conversations on diversity, inclusion, and equity into your child’s everyday life.


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Resources: How to Talk to Children About Race 

  • Read this article for more ideas on how to talk to your children about race.
  • What will it take to raise truly anti-racist children? Watch our hour-long webinar, “Raising Anti-Racist Children: What to Say and Do” to hear from our early education and diversity experts. 
  • Looking for a list of books that help teach diversity?Take a look at ourlist,compiled by our Bright Horizons early education team. 

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November 30, 2020