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Making the Most of the Morning Routine with Your Child

Easing separation anxiety in children Allow Extra Time for the Morning Rush
  • Give your child a little extra time to get going in the morning. Some children tend to start the day slowly. Allowing extra time may positively affect their morning mood.
  • Create a morning family ritual such as a family breakfast, a book, and a cuddle in bed.
  • If time permits before your child wakes up, enjoy time alone with your partner, read the newspaper or a book, or savor that extra cup of coffee
Stick to a Daily Morning Routine
  • Children thrive on routine. Sticking to a regular morning routine will help your children know what to expect.
  • Have your child get dressed, wash up, eat breakfast, and help put dishes in the sink or dishwasher. If time permits, allow her to play until it is time to leave. Create an incentive for getting ready. For example, once your children are ready they can play their favorite game.
  • With your child, choose and set out her clothes the night before. Then she will know what to put on in the morning.
Encourage Self-Help and Growing Independence

You may be tempted to do everything for your child to keep things moving quickly, but keep in mind that one of the tasks of early childhood is gradually learning how to do things for oneself.

  • Create a morning schedule with your child and put the tasks on a chart for her to check them off.
  • Allow your child to get up with her own alarm clock. This might make her feel independent.
Remember that keeping a sense of humor while getting through the morning routine can go a long way in a family. Attitude and humor can really help kick the day off on a positive note and set the tone for the rest of the day.
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