Tuition Program Management

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Strategic Tuition Assistance

Transform your tuition assistance program into a core part of your talent management strategy. Align your employee’s ambitions with your talent goals, remove financial barriers to participation, shorten the time to degrees and certifications, and build a more skilled and loyal workforce. Leverage proven best practices to multiply the value and impact of your education investments.


Our Comprehensive Expertise

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Policy & Administration

Market leading employers use education as a strategic initiative to drive superior results. This requires understanding the critical skill needs in the organization, the learning styles of the employees, the variety of education providers, the assortment of financial models, and the tactics used by the competition. The resulting education program is administered in our education benefit platform to prevent fraud and maximize returns.

  • Expert tuition policy consultants benchmark your policy against our tuition database
  • Customized eligibility rules and multiple levels of manager approval supported
  • Multiple tuition payment options - from employee reimbursement to prepayment and direct billing to schools
  • Powerful administration platform, including convenient mobile app
  • Detailed analytics on participation, retention and other outcomes
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Education Network

Bright Horizons® has direct partnerships with more than 220 learning providers - from non-profit universities to certification providers - that provide significant tuition discounts for your employees. Each school in our network is vetted for quality and fit, so you can be sure of learning that fits your employees' schedules and meets your skill needs.

  • Tuition discounts and other cost savings
  • Optional customized content to meet an employer's specific needs
  • Online and in-person options
  • Content and outreach to help employees understand their choices
  • Will add to the network based on your highest use providers
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Expert Coaching

Our on-staff educational coaches help your employees get the most from your tuition assistance program - for their goals, their career, and your business. Whether they are exploring the benefits of going back to school, finishing a degree or certification, comparing MBA programs, or figuring out how best to pay for it, employees have expert help at the ready.

  • Receive personalized education plan showing school and program options
  • Learn how to get credit for prior learning and work experience, shortening the time to completion
  • Identify funding sources and maximize discounts
  • Find faster ways to obtain job-relevant skills

Benefits of Tuition Program Management

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