Curriculum Designed for Success in Life

In the classroom, our Bright Horizons Discovery Driven Learning® approach inspires children not just to learn, but to think, act, tinker, create, be bold, experiment, design, and explore. Our World at Their Fingertips® curriculum prepares children to take on their school-age years and all the exciting steps ahead.

Seven curriculum areas — from language and social-emotional learning, to STEM and visual and creative arts — engage children through their own interests. Explore how curriculum comes to life across each program in the curriculum guides below.

boys looking at plants


At Bright Horizons, we know that critical development happens in the first months of life. Our curriculum supports healthy brain building, attachment and bonding, language growth, and so much more.


Newly mobile toddlers are adventurous explorers, curious about their world and the people in it. They are becoming aware of themselves and others. They begin to ask questions and try to solve problems, laying the foundation for future inquiries, critical thinking, and learning.


Children entering preschool are enthusiastic learners, eagerly taking on more challenges. They are ready for important new opportunities to build friendships and social skills while developing a stronger sense of self.

Kindergarten Prep

Children in kindergarten prep classrooms are capable of solving problems, working collaboratively, and engaging in extended project work. They are gaining the skills they'll need for later school and life success.


Kindergarteners are enthusiastic and eager learners. At the crossroads of early education and elementary school, children are developmentally ready to handle more abstract concepts.

Discovery Driven Learning

Our proven approach to teaching & learning