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How to find infant care that's more than daycare

When you’re looking for baby care providers in Denver, you’re likely to find several types of care, each with its own benefits. The biggest question is what kind of experience you want to give your baby. Babies are born with an incredible ability to learn and explore. The best child care options will give your infant countless opportunities for discovery in a secure and supportive environment.

Bright Horizons Denver Colorado child care locations

At Bright Horizons, we offer newborn daycare that offers enriching learning experiences for your child along with convenient schedules and support for your family. Our Denver baby care centers provide the safe spaces and caring relationships that will help your child thrive and pave the way for success in school and life.

Bright Horizons baby care in Denver 

Bright Horizons is the world’s leading and most trusted education and care company. Our exceptional early learning centers offer much more than daycare, providing your baby with high-quality learning experiences designed by experts, facilitated by educators, and created for working parents just like you.

Our Denver baby care centers are staffed by highly trained, passionate professionals who will nurture your child’s development at every step while honoring your family’s routine. Our research-based program and welcoming environments have been carefully designed to support your baby’s exciting developmental milestones.

When you choose Denver baby care with Bright Horizons, your baby will benefit from:

  • A nurturing relationship with a primary caregiver who ensures your child has plenty of one-to-one moments of caring, play, and communication throughout the day
  • A personalized care plan that supports your daily schedule, your child’s nutritional guidelines, and other unique needs of your family
  • Welcoming, sensory-rich spaces with soft, clean, and cozy places for quiet time as well as ample space to move, explore, roll over, pull up, and crawl
  • Cleanliness, safety, and security practices that meet or exceed all state, local, and national guidelines

What early education means for babies

Your baby starts learning on day one, so it only makes sense to choose a Denver baby care solution that will encourage exploration and discovery. Each day at Bright Horizons, your child will benefit from a variety of learning experiences. 

  • Prime Times spent in one-on-one interactions with a primary caregiver build nurturing relationships and self-confidence.
  • Daily Reading fosters a love of books and helps your child build listening and vocabulary skills.
  • Art Activities like finger-painting, music, and pretend play spark creativity.
  • Sign Language skills – including basic signs like “more” and “please” – allow your child to communicate needs clearly while encouraging language development.
  • Outdoor Discovery provides time to explore natural environments and inspire motor and sensory development.
  • Treasure Baskets are filled with natural and everyday objects that promote curiosity and exploration.

Our discovery-driven approach to early education offers immersive learning experiences that foster a joyful childhood, encourage relationship-building, and provide a foundation for future success. Our research-based curriculum builds excitement about learning to prepare your child for all the big steps ahead.

Seamless transitions to toddler care and beyond

As your baby grows, Bright Horizons can continue to provide learning-based care to prepare your child for each new stage of development.
  • Toddler care programs provide your newly independent child with a place to test and learn new skills, wonder about everything, and learn how to make new friends. Our curriculum focuses on language and reading, math, art, science, dramatic play, and outdoor learning.
  • Preschool programs are designed by experts to prepare your child for kindergarten and all the big steps ahead. Our curriculum focuses on literacy, music, creative expression, and more.
  • Kindergarten prep programs help build the social and academic skills needed to be ready for school. Our pre-K curriculum includes literacy, mathematical reasoning, scientific investigation, and other learning activities that ensure your child will thrive in all areas of development.

How to choose a Denver baby care center

As you compare the best Denver baby care options, it’s helpful to focus on these key differences.

  • Approach to education. Do the daycare options you are considering offer early learning programs that will support your child’s curiosity and growth?
  • Flexible schedule. Which options will best fit your needs and schedule at home and work?
  • Caring staff. How are the caregivers at each center hired, trained, and developed? Do they have a background in early education? Which Denver baby care centers have the best retention rate?
  • Health and safety policies. Do each of the Denver baby care options you’re considering have documented programs and policies to keep your child safe and secure?
  • Clear communication. How does each provider communicate with parents? Do they offer an app that gives you quick access to caregivers and constant insight into your baby’s day?
  • Welcoming environments. Which providers have bright, welcoming spaces that will allow your child to safely learn and explore?

Explore Baby Care in the Denver/Boulder area

Working parents shouldn’t have to choose between child care and early education. Our programs ensure you don’t have to, offering convenience for your workday, and enriching learning experiences for your child.

With convenient Denver area locations, we're never far from your home or workplace.


How should I choose a Denver baby care provider?

When looking for a licensed daycare in Denver, you can start by searching the web for daycare providers close to your work or home. You may also ask friends and family about their experiences with different providers. Once you have identified several options, schedule a visit with each site where you can check out the environment in which your baby will spend the day and observe how the caregivers interact with the children. Schedule an interview with the head or manager of each center to get answers to all your questions. Finally, check to see if you can access an employer tuition reimbursement program at work that could help cover the cost of care. 

What are the benefits of child care for babies?


Daycare and early learning centers provide babies with opportunities to build strong social-emotional skills and to gain early exposure to art, music, movement, reading, science, and other academic disciplines. One-on-one time with caregivers helps babies build relationships, trust, and self-confidence.

When should I start looking for baby care in Denver?

Since many child care providers have long waiting lists, it’s best to start looking for Denver baby care options as soon as you know you will need them. It may take longer than you think to schedule tours and interviews and to make a decision about which solution best meets your needs. The sooner you get on the waiting list of your preferred care provider, the more likely there will be a space available when you’re ready to enroll your baby.

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