Bright Horizons is very pleased to announce that Early Learning Academy on Marin Blvd joined our family of schools during  March 2019. 
It was an exciting moment that united two like-minded early childhood organizations.  Like the Early Learning Academy, Bright Horizons is dedicated to children – to their care, learning, and readiness for school.  And like retiring ELA founder, Ela Erickson, we believe that preschool should be a great place for childhood, where children learn about the world around them, their community, and are well prepared for school. Our commitment to these ideals will continue to ensure that each child at ELA develops strong academic, social, and emotional foundations that carry into elementary school and beyond.

At ELA you will find qualified and engaged teachers, an emergent curriculum, and flexible schedules.  The Preschool creates a welcoming place for families in a convenient location by the Marin Blvd train. In addition to core curriculum, the center offers enrichments such as music, yoga, sign language for the youngest children, and other special activities such as foreign language.  
Kerlandia (Kay) and Raylon who have led the center’s daily operations are continuing as center leaders; they are supported by all the resources Bright Horizons offers.

We look forward to making some facility upgrades this spring to enhance the environments.  We will also add Bright Horizons World at Their Fingertips curriculum to enhance the learning that is already taking place. For more information about Bright Horizons and our curriculum, you can go to www.brighthorizons.com

The center’s new name will be Bright Horizons at Marin Blvd Jersey City.  Our phone number remains: 201-793-8949.

Please come visit us!